The Give & Take: A Conversation with Shelley Butler and West Hyler

(Photo by Shelley Butler and West Hyler) In March of 2020, everything changed for theater directors Shelly Butler and West Hyler.  After their graduations from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of California San Diego, respectively, the couple found their professional careers flourishing – assisting and directing a number ofContinue reading “The Give & Take: A Conversation with Shelley Butler and West Hyler”

Bright Enough: A Conversation with Steve Holloway

(Photo by Steve Holloway) Drummer and percussionist Steve Holloway grew up in a small town in Nebraska, where he began playing percussion with dance bands while still in high school. By the time he got to college in the 1980s, he had worked more or less professionally every week for years. After graduation, he decidedContinue reading “Bright Enough: A Conversation with Steve Holloway”

The Dark Side of the Communicator: A Conversation with Kate Bussert

(Photo by Kate Bussert) For Kate Bussert, Literary Agent at Bret Adams LTD Artists’ Agency, it’s the little things. Whether it’s negotiating a contract or finding creative solutions for her clients, Kate sees herself as the conduit of communication between producers and artists, finding satisfaction in the small ways she can make one’s life betterContinue reading “The Dark Side of the Communicator: A Conversation with Kate Bussert”

Slowing Down: A Conversation with Bill Fennelly

(Photo by Diana Lambert) Although he couldn’t articulate what it was at the time, Bill Fennelly always knew he wanted to be a director. At the age of twelve, he saw a production of Hedda Gabler directed by Mark Lamos at Hartford Stage Company. Looking up at the stage, he thought, “I want to doContinue reading “Slowing Down: A Conversation with Bill Fennelly”

An Overview: The Theater Industry

(Photo by Diana Lambert) “It’s Only Intermission” theater companies across the globe coo.  But, March has turned into May. May has turned into September. September has turned into January. Those standard fifteen minutes have turned into what seems like an eternity.  When will the show begin again? Will it ever?  The theater industry has becomeContinue reading “An Overview: The Theater Industry”