A Message to 2021 Graduates

(Photo by Diana Lambert) During the course of this project, I was curious as to what advice my interviewees would give the Class of 2021 – those students, like myself, who have worked tirelessly the past four years and are finally on the brink of graduation, attempting to pursue their desired career while in theContinue reading “A Message to 2021 Graduates”

The Rise of TikTok & Its Impact on the Entertainment Industry

(Photo by Diana Lambert) The COVID-19 pandemic has put the normal practices of each sector of the entertainment industry on pause. Touring is nonexistent, theaters are desolate, and production on film and television has been halted. Our society has been stuck in their homes with nothing to do for almost a year, turning to socialContinue reading “The Rise of TikTok & Its Impact on the Entertainment Industry”