Shining Through: A Conversation with Jenny Hossain

(Photo by Diana Lambert) “All I wanted to do was help artists get the word out about their music,” says Jenny Hossain, Senior Publicist at WMA. “To reach those kids like me who were at the shows, who were in a corner of the library reading the latest Rolling Stone, who were online keeping upContinue reading “Shining Through: A Conversation with Jenny Hossain”

Staying Afloat: A Conversation with Shenna Somsmieh

(Photo by Shenna Somsmieh) 2020 was supposed to be the year for indie-pop artist SHENNA. Fresh off the release of her album Blue Memories and its subsequent tour in Japan, SHENNA was gearing up for a slew of performances across the globe pre-pandemic. She was beginning to find structure in the unpredictable life of beingContinue reading “Staying Afloat: A Conversation with Shenna Somsmieh”

A Pianist’s Pandemic: A Conversation with Dan Crisci

(Photo by Dan Crisci) Dan Crisci grew up with an undeniable love for music. His journey began at the age of seven when he began to play piano, and when it came time to decide on an undergraduate major, he chose to pursue a degree in music. Midway through his college career, however, Dan optedContinue reading “A Pianist’s Pandemic: A Conversation with Dan Crisci”

An Overview: The Music Industry & Live Events

(Photo by Diana Lambert) As an avid lover of music and live shows – this one hurts to write.  Live music has been absolutely decimated by the pandemic. Tours have been halted with no start date in sight. Crews have been put out of work indefinitely, robbed of their revenue stream. Small businesses, who areContinue reading “An Overview: The Music Industry & Live Events”