Slowing Down: A Conversation with Bill Fennelly

(Photo by Diana Lambert) Although he couldn’t articulate what it was at the time, Bill Fennelly always knew he wanted to be a director. At the age of twelve, he saw a production of Hedda Gabler directed by Mark Lamos at Hartford Stage Company. Looking up at the stage, he thought, “I want to doContinue reading “Slowing Down: A Conversation with Bill Fennelly”

Love, Loss, and Live Music: A Conversation with Cindy Ciullo

(Photo by Cindy Ciullo) Tucked away in the infamous New Jersey music town of Asbury Park is vintage clothing store Backward Glances, owned by live music aficionado Cindy Ciullo. In a typical year, the store would see it’s fair share of musicians and fashion connoisseurs, each of whom would peruse her store in search ofContinue reading “Love, Loss, and Live Music: A Conversation with Cindy Ciullo”

A Summer of Safe Shows: A Conversation with Bill Brandenburg

Richard Thompson and Bill Brandenburg, left to right (Photo by Rob Wasilewski) For Bill Brandenburg, his love of music began in the early 1960s when he saw The Beatles perform on The Ed Sullivan Show. Immediately infatuated, Bill was inspired to partake on a journey of musical discovery, always looking for the next thing thatContinue reading “A Summer of Safe Shows: A Conversation with Bill Brandenburg”

The Happy Medium: A Conversation with Al Schaefer

(Photo by Al Schaefer) Before March of 2020, there were two typical days for Al Schaefer, Director of Operations and Production Manager for Performing Arts at William Paterson University.  First, there were the pre-production days, filled to the brim with booking acts, scheduling student events, attending meetings, and sending emails. Then, there were the showContinue reading “The Happy Medium: A Conversation with Al Schaefer”

An Overview: The Television & Film Industry

(Photo by Emma Duffy) Ah, Los Angeles. Home to the entertainment business, and to the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States.  Film and television, like all of the sectors I have discussed thus far, have been uprooted by the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been an immense impact on studios and theirContinue reading “An Overview: The Television & Film Industry”

An Overview: The Music Industry & Live Events

(Photo by Diana Lambert) As an avid lover of music and live shows – this one hurts to write.  Live music has been absolutely decimated by the pandemic. Tours have been halted with no start date in sight. Crews have been put out of work indefinitely, robbed of their revenue stream. Small businesses, who areContinue reading “An Overview: The Music Industry & Live Events”

An Overview: The Theater Industry

(Photo by Diana Lambert) “It’s Only Intermission” theater companies across the globe coo.  But, March has turned into May. May has turned into September. September has turned into January. Those standard fifteen minutes have turned into what seems like an eternity.  When will the show begin again? Will it ever?  The theater industry has becomeContinue reading “An Overview: The Theater Industry”