A Message to 2021 Graduates

(Photo by Diana Lambert) During the course of this project, I was curious as to what advice my interviewees would give the Class of 2021 – those students, like myself, who have worked tirelessly the past four years and are finally on the brink of graduation, attempting to pursue their desired career while in theContinue reading “A Message to 2021 Graduates”

The Rise of TikTok & Its Impact on the Entertainment Industry

(Photo by Diana Lambert) The COVID-19 pandemic has put the normal practices of each sector of the entertainment industry on pause. Touring is nonexistent, theaters are desolate, and production on film and television has been halted. Our society has been stuck in their homes with nothing to do for almost a year, turning to socialContinue reading “The Rise of TikTok & Its Impact on the Entertainment Industry”

Riding The Wave: A Conversation with Joe Somerville

(Photo by Joe Somerville) Joe Somerville is the man behind it all. While Pat Sajak and Vanna White may be the faces of Wheel of Fortune, the decorations, the footage, the locations – anything that appears on your screen while you’re watching at home – that’s Joe.  After graduating from William & Mary with hisContinue reading “Riding The Wave: A Conversation with Joe Somerville”

Shining Through: A Conversation with Jenny Hossain

(Photo by Diana Lambert) “All I wanted to do was help artists get the word out about their music,” says Jenny Hossain, Senior Publicist at WMA. “To reach those kids like me who were at the shows, who were in a corner of the library reading the latest Rolling Stone, who were online keeping upContinue reading “Shining Through: A Conversation with Jenny Hossain”

The Give & Take: A Conversation with Shelley Butler and West Hyler

(Photo by Shelley Butler and West Hyler) In March of 2020, everything changed for theater directors Shelly Butler and West Hyler.  After their graduations from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of California San Diego, respectively, the couple found their professional careers flourishing – assisting and directing a number ofContinue reading “The Give & Take: A Conversation with Shelley Butler and West Hyler”

Staying Afloat: A Conversation with Shenna Somsmieh

(Photo by Shenna Somsmieh) 2020 was supposed to be the year for indie-pop artist SHENNA. Fresh off the release of her album Blue Memories and its subsequent tour in Japan, SHENNA was gearing up for a slew of performances across the globe pre-pandemic. She was beginning to find structure in the unpredictable life of beingContinue reading “Staying Afloat: A Conversation with Shenna Somsmieh”

Bright Enough: A Conversation with Steve Holloway

(Photo by Steve Holloway) Drummer and percussionist Steve Holloway grew up in a small town in Nebraska, where he began playing percussion with dance bands while still in high school. By the time he got to college in the 1980s, he had worked more or less professionally every week for years. After graduation, he decidedContinue reading “Bright Enough: A Conversation with Steve Holloway”

The Dark Side of the Communicator: A Conversation with Kate Bussert

(Photo by Kate Bussert) For Kate Bussert, Literary Agent at Bret Adams LTD Artists’ Agency, it’s the little things. Whether it’s negotiating a contract or finding creative solutions for her clients, Kate sees herself as the conduit of communication between producers and artists, finding satisfaction in the small ways she can make one’s life betterContinue reading “The Dark Side of the Communicator: A Conversation with Kate Bussert”

A Pianist’s Pandemic: A Conversation with Dan Crisci

(Photo by Dan Crisci) Dan Crisci grew up with an undeniable love for music. His journey began at the age of seven when he began to play piano, and when it came time to decide on an undergraduate major, he chose to pursue a degree in music. Midway through his college career, however, Dan optedContinue reading “A Pianist’s Pandemic: A Conversation with Dan Crisci”